Geriatric behavioral health is a medical specialty that is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in senior adults. Patients are generally around 65 years old and living with depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders or thinking disturbances. Patients are cared for by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and other team members. To better serve patients, the unit offers inpatient services and customized care in a secure, limited access unit of the hospital. 

Jennie Stuart’s geriatric behavioral health unit offers an inpatient unit located on the hospital campus at 320 West 18th Street in Hopkinsville. This is a vital service offered to meet the needs of senior adults, and addresses lifestyle adjustments, loss, physical challenges and medical issues not typically seen at other phases of life. In addition, an important component of this care delivery is providing support to families of patients. Our professionals help counsel and train family members on how to acclimate their loved one back into their home or regular lives after a stay at our hospital.


  • 12 bed inpatient secured unit
  • Safety features
  • Multi-disciplinary team
  • Highly trained nurses
  • Medical director
  • Diagnostic evaluations

Daily programming is customized and may include:

  • Specialized medical evaluation
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Assessment of daily living skills
  • Recreational therapy
  • Family support and consultation
  • Group therapy
  • Continuity of care and discharge planning

As we get older, a variety of physical and cognitive impairments can occur. Mental health issues, however, are not a natural part of the aging process—but they are all too common. According to the Institute of Medicine*, approximately 20 percent of our nation’s seniors have one or more mental health issues, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, dementia and substance-abuse problems.


If you have an elderly parent, sibling or other relative or friend who may have experienced a recent change in attitude or behavior, ask them these questions:

  • During the past month, have you experienced feelings of sadness, depression or hopelessness?
  • Have you often been bothered by a lack of interest or pleasure in doing things?

If the answer is yes to either or both questions, a visit with one of our Jennie Stuart behavioral health professionals may be the next step.

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