Making Lost Time A Thing Of The Past

Jennie Stuart Health's Occupational Health Program provides businesses of all sizes and specialties with high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive occupational health services. We offer a wide variety of preventative care, health education, health testing and screenings, all designed to help employers contain health care costs and create a safer workplace.

How The Program Works

Our team is uniquely qualified to evaluate, treat, and manage a wide variety of workplace illnesses and injuries, as well as offer follow-up assistance to help your employees stay healthy. We offer health risk appraisals, information on injury prevention, pre-placement exams and physicals, and client billing, and are proficient in understanding the regulated requirements of your workplace. Our professional staff is headed by a physician and consists of other health care experts, including APRNs, RNs, and LPNs.

Our Services Include:
  • Drug and alcohol testing, both onsite and offsite (including pre-employment, post-accident, random, suspicion, DOT, and non-DOT breath alcohol testing and urine alcohol testing)
  • Specific screening tests: vision, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, audiometric screening
  • Return to work evaluations
  • Pre-employment physical examinations
  • Commercial Driver Medical Certification (DOT) exams by Certified Medical Examiners
  • Vaccinations and TB screenings
  • Treatment of work-related injuries
  • Spriometry, baseline and annual, plus respirator fit testing with mask fitting
  • Laboratory tests
  • Worker's compensation claims and injured workers case management coordination
  • Medical consultations
  • Health fairs and seminars, including CPR Heartsaver classes and hearing conservation education 
Proximity to Industrial Parks

Located less than 5 miles from Christian County Industrial parks, JennieCare brings added conveniences to your Occupational Healthcare needs.

JennieCare Occupational Health offers on-site clinic services for workplace wellness. We work with community organizations to ensure healthcare services for their employees. Our clinic includes a unique service in our mobile RV unit that provides full clinical services to your employees at your location. This decreases production downtime while providing critical and mandatory health services to your employees. We are CAOHC Accredited (councils for the Accreditation in occupational Hearing Conservation).

On-Site Services Can:

  • Reduce costs by reducing lost time and production downtimes for medical visits
  • Decrease insurance claims with increased preventative care, covered and rewarded by insurance in many cases.
  • Assist with OSHA compliance.
  • Improve company culture and impact attraction and retention.
  • Ensure patient confidentiality with third-party clinic management.

On-site services include, but are not limited to:

General Services

  • Lift Test
  • Drug Screening
  • Audiometric
  • Pulmonary Function Tests (Spirometry)
  • Breath Alcohol Tests
  • Vision Test
  • Lab Draw
  • Pre-employment Radiology
  • EKG
  • Respirator Fit
  • TB Skin Test and TB Gold
  • Hep B Vaccinations
  • TDAP Vaccinations


  • DOT
  • Non-DOT
  • General Pre-employment
  • Return to work
  • New injury

Onsite/Annual Services

  • Drug screening
  • APRN wellness visits
  • Audiograms
  • Flu Vaccinations
  • Respirator Fit Testing

Are JennieCare Occupational Health Services Right For Your Workforce?

Are employees receiving better access to medical care?

While there are many benefits to having on-site care, the main benefit is that your employees are gaining access to primary care and/or preventative care they may not otherwise seek out - leading to problems down the road.

Are healthcare costs positively impacted?

When employees make time for preventative care, they can reduce the occurrence of illness, disease and other health problems.

Could on-site medical services improve company culture and productivity?

When employees miss work for medical appointments or have to spend personal time visiting the clinic, both the employee and the employer miss out. Research suggests too that companies that invest in worker wellness see greater job satisfaction.

What kind of companies does the JennieCare on-site make sense for?
  • Companies with many employees who have a large healthcare investment.
  • Self-insured companies looking to reduce costs.
  • Smaller companies benefit from third-party JennieCare services by avoiding the administrative burden of managing a clinic.

The Occupational Health Team is under the guidance of a physician, the only Occupational Medicine Program in the area with this level of expertise. We have an exceptional team of health professionals that have over 80 years of experience and are familiar with your workforce.

We encourage you to contact the Occupational Health Clinic to establish an account to ensure that you receive full advantages of our program.

The Jennie Stuart Occupational Health mission is to provide support to our clients, while providing medical care to the patient.



   Keith Toms MD

Keith Toms MD
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Susan Frazier APRN
Jennie Stuart Health
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   Mindy Long APRN

Mindy Long APRN
Jennie Stuart Health
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Larry Boston, LPN

Ashley Peach, LPN


Heidi Pregent, BSHCA
Director of JennieCare Urgent Care/Occupational Health

Lisa Behm, RN (Supervisor)


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