Price Transparency Information

Jennie Stuart Medical Center is committed to helping our patients and their families make informed decisions prior to their visit. As a valued patient, we would like you to be aware of the cost related to your visit and what your estimated financial responsibility may be for these services. We are pleased to provide you with the following items:

  • JSMC Charge File – A list of health service gross charges and negotiated prices
  • JSMC Patient Liability Estimate Tool - A tool to help you estimate your financial responsibility

By using either of these tools, you are agreeing to the following statement:
I understand that the charges on this website are updated at least annually and that changes may occur during the year that may not be reflected on this website. I understand that my services could include multiple charges, so a single charge item may not reflect the total charges for my service. I understand that this website contains only services billed by the hospital and it does not include provider charges from my anesthesiologist, radiologist, surgeon, or other professional services. The hospital’s billed charges are the same for all patients, however, a patient’s responsibility may vary depending on financial assistance as well as discounts negotiated with a patient’s health insurance. I understand that charges may vary from the average prices reflected on this website. My actual cost may vary depending upon my physician’s treatment choices, my specific health care needs, and my insurance coverage.

Uninsured patients may qualify for our Financial Assistance program. Please visit our Financial Assistance Guidelines page for more information.

Pricing Charts

JSMC Charge File
Last update: Q1 2024


Patient Liability Estimate Tool