Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan

Dear Community Member:

At Jennie Stuart Health, we have spent more than 100 years providing high-quality compassionate healthcare to the greater Hopkinsville community. The "2019 Community Health Needs Assessment" identifies local health and medical needs and provides a plan of how Jennie Stuart Health (JSH) will respond to such needs. This document illustrates one way we are meeting our obligations to efficiently deliver medical services.

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act, all not-for-profit hospitals are required to develop a report on the medical and health needs of the communities they serve. We welcome you to review this document not just as part of our compliance with federal law, but of our continuing efforts to meet your health and medical needs.

JSH will conduct this effort at least once every three years. The report produced three years ago is also available for your review and comment. As you review this plan, please see if, in your opinion, we have identified the primary needs of the community and if you think our intended response will lead to needed improvements.

We do not have adequate resources to solve all the problems identified. Some issues are beyond the mission of the hospital and action is best suited for a response by others. Some improvements will require personal actions by individuals rather than the response of an organization. We view this as a plan for how we, along with other area organizations and agencies, can collaborate to bring the best each has to offer to support change and to address the most pressing identified needs.

Because this report is a response to a federal requirement of not-for-profit hospitals to identify the community benefit they provide in responding to documented community need, footnotes are provided to answer specific tax form questions; for most purposes, they may be ignored. Most importantly, this report is intended to guide our actions and the efforts of others to make needed health and medical improvements in our area.

I invite your response to this report. As you read, please think about how to help us improve health and medical services in our area. We all live in, work in, and enjoy this wonderful community, and together, we can make our community healthier for every one of us.

Thank you,

Eric Lee

President & CEO

Jennie Stuart Health

2019 Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan
2019 Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan

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2016 Community Health Needs Assessment
2016 Community Health Needs Assessment