Medical Executive Committee

The Medical Executive Committee comprises the physician leaders of the Jennie Stuart Health Medical Staff. They are elected by their peers and serve for one year, leading staff members to provide consistent, high-quality care to patients from our southwest Kentucky and north central Tennessee service area.

Manoj Majmudar, MD

President of the Medical Staff

Pankajkumar Shah, MD

President-elect of the Medical Staff

Chester Crump, MD

Chair, Department of Medicine

Ratilal Gajera, MD

Member at Large

David Kabithe, MD

Chair, Department of Surgery

Sandra Murphy, MD

Chair, Women Maternal Health

Ramesh Patel, MD

Communications Officer

Melissa Patton, MD

Chair Department of Diagnostic/Radiologic Sciences

Don L. Perkins, MD, FAAFP

Chair, MSQR Committee

Rudy Robbe, MD

Member at Large

Rao Velaga, MD

Chairman, Credentials Committee