Jennie Stuart Health Welcomes Patients to New Emergency Room

  • 3/14/2024
  • by Jennie Stuart Health

For Immediate Release – March 14, 2024


(Hopkinsville, KY) – Under new leadership, Jennie Stuart Health’s Emergency Department began seeing patients in its new wing this morning.  With improved patient access within a more efficient layout, additional capacity to serve patients, and state-of-the-art healthcare technology, an improved patient experience was the primary goal when designing the Jennie Stuart Health ER expansion.


"Our expansion will mean better care for emergency patients, which is our ultimate goal. The Emergency Department is continuously striving for improvement for our patients whether it be by improvement of process, which we’ll see in this new facility, or by continuous learning," says Rahkeem Francis, Emergency Department Director at Jennie Stuart Health.


The new Jennie Stuart Health Emergency Department moves from having a single triage bay to now 4 areas to triage patients. In addition to adding capacity with additional rooms, the Emergency Department’s room size has increased by at least 30% in individual rooms. Three rooms with six beds are dedicated to resuscitating the critically ill & give additional space to accommodate those performing life-saving measures. With this transition comes the deployment of some of the latest technologies in the performance of life-saving measures including End-Tidal CO2, the transduction of Invasive lines to monitor pressures, the use of the Hamilton T-1 transport ventilator, and the added capability of being able to perform mechanical chest compressions.


"As a community & regional Emergency Department, we are now better positioned to serve a growing need. By adding rooms, adding more space for care, giving providers dedicated stations for working cases, and adding healthcare capabilities we’ve really expanded what our Hopkinsville ER can do," says Jennie Stuart Health CEO Eric Lee.


While additional parking spaces have been restored and visible signs of construction outside the hospital will begin to cease, the expansion internally will continue. Jennie Stuart Health soon will welcome ER patients to a new waiting room. Renovation will continue in the former ER for additional ER capacity with anticipation of the full expansion opening in summer 2024.


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